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Professional Networks and Knowledge Transfer

I am a member of AHRC Reggae Research Network Research Network: Reggae as a Transatlantic Musical Culture AHRC network 2016-17 (University of East Anglia) and I have contributed to a number of events, including a conference paper on the sonic genealogy of grime (see


As a participant in the Newton Fund Researcher Links Workshop: Empowering Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Leaders: Theory and Action 2nd-6thOctober 2017 Ankara. I led a workshop on social media practices in small and micro business.


I am an ongoing participant in the Bass Culture Research Project: University of Westminster. I have chaired two panel discussions (Bass Economies and Bass in the Attic), and contributed to organisation and management of focus groups at Wireless Festival. The data from these focus groups fed into the Ticketmaster research report on the market for Grime music (see

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